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COVID 19 Update Brady Odom

C0VID 19 PROBATE & Estate Planning Blog By: Brady Odom    Bob Leonard Law Group, Estate Planning & Probate Attorney -Working from Home in the Midst of COVID 19 Pandemic This has been my experience working from home due to shelter-in-place and social distancing orders in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic. My wife [..]

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Win Your Case!

Win Your Case with Your Attorney Imagine that you have been involved in a lengthy lawsuit and your case is finally going to trial. Your attorney has all the documents to help prove your case all lined up and in proper form for admission in the trial. You have your list of properly subpoenaed witnesses and your attorney [..]

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Estate Planning Truths

As an attorney who has prepared numerous estate plans, I would like to communicate “estate planning truths”. Estate Planning Truths: MISINFORMATION IS ABUNDANT.  I am often surprised by the misinformation circulating about estate planning. The misinformation takes away from the actual understanding why an estate plan is valuable. Misinformation keeps us from seeing why we [..]

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