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Services Available: Divorce, Adoption, Probate, Guardianship, Family Law

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Law Office of Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC
Open: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM
in Fort Worth, Texas
By Appointment:  Parker County, Texas


Proven Legal Results.  Positive Outcomes.

Bob’s entire team of legal professionals focus on positive results.  Through the thorough dissection of each case and every issue, he and his team of legal professionals create a plan. With strong client communication and effective counsel, this plan becomes a clear road-map to a positive result.  From the outset of a case, Bob grasps the the big picture and smallest detail, knowing each factor could be pivotal to winning.

From the opening days of a case, through negotiations, mediation, trial and appeals, Bob Leonard advocates vigorously for his clients.  His background and skills render him uniquely qualified to achieve the desired outcome.

If you want a Family Law Expert in Fort Worth, Texas who knows the law and knows how to represent you, come in and meet Bob.  You will be glad you did.

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Quality Legal Representation in Family Court

Board Certified Fort Worth Family Attorney Bob Leonard

Fort Worth Family Law Attorney, Voted by Peers a Top Family Law Attorney, Power Attorney. Experienced, Qualified, Committed. Board Certified In Family Law

Fort Worth, Attorney, Bob Leonard, has the experience, expertise, knowledge and business acumen you expect in an seasoned family lawyer.  His strong negotiation skills, honed in the Texas Legislature, continually afford successful outcomes in litigation, mediation and trial.  In addition to this, his dedication to continued education brings a superior knowledge of Texas laws and cases. Perhaps most important is Bob’s unwavering client advocacy.

Legal Knowledge.  Solid Experience. Strong Commitment.

Legal knowledge makes a big difference.  Each year Bob spends hundreds of hours in court hearings and litigation.  For one hour in court, he spends at least ten more preparing the case.  In addition, every year he earns more than triple the number of credits required by the State Bar of Texas.

Furthermore, Bob stays on top of legal cases and trends.  As a Life Member of the Texas Bar College, he is considered to be one of the “best trained attorneys in Texas.” This dedication to double the required continued education and exceeding expectations earns the respect of clients, his peers and the judiciary.

With more than 30 years of experience as a lawyer, lifelong resident of Fort Worth, Texas, Bob Leonard, has a powerful family legacy of commitment to others’ welfare.  Bob’s grandfather and uncle, the Leonard Brothers who started the iconic Fort Worth department store, contributed mightily to Fort Worth and surrounding communities.

Trusted Client Legal Service.  Innovative Solutions.

From this rich customer service heritage, Fort Worth family law attorney Bob Leonard created his own unique brand of trusted client service.  After receiving his law degree at St. Mary’s University, Bob immediately embarked on a journey dedicated to serving Fort Worth residents.

In addition to his profession as a Fort Worth, Texas Lawyer, Bob was elected to serve in the Texas Legislature.  While there, he served as Chairman of the Committee on Public Safety, reinforcing his sense of responsibility for his fellow citizens.

Today his law office is equipped with a state of the art secure client portal allowing clients to communicate directly with the law firm 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  He is always accessible and available to his clients.  Wholeheartedly embracing superior technology, Bob provides safe and reliable, real-time access to case documents and events.

Clients come first with Bob.  He recognizes that in a divorce, probate, or any litigation, tempers can be short, things can get heated and client emergencies crop up.  Constant access to case activity and the ability to communicate with the law office from anywhere at any time gives a client greater peace of mind.

Fort Worth Family Attorneys.  Trusted.  Respected. Recognized.

After serving 10 years, he chose to devote more time to his law practice.  As a practicing lawyer, he still managed to find the time to work on key legislation to protect families and children.

Bob Leonard is highly respected by the Fort Worth, Texas family law and probate law community.  For more than 13 years, Bob Leonard has been voted a Top Attorney in Family Law in the prestigious Fort Worth, Texas Magazine.  Fort Worth Business Press awarded him the distinguished honor of  Power Attorney in 2013.

With a wife, five grown children and seven grandchildren, Bob has a keen appreciation and clear understanding of family dynamics.  Bob Leonard has mastered the ability to analyze a case, develop a plan, and carry forth with the will to win.

Why should you hire a Family Law Specialist?

Having a family law specialist will help you have peace of mind. When you are dealing with frustrating issues. You will find our downtown, West Fort Worth law firm to be in a safe location and easy to find. Azle satellite location convenient for Parker County Clients. We have handicap access and free parking.

With a long time commitment to Fort Worth, Bob actively participates in the legal community with the State Bar of Texas, Texas Bar College, Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Tarrant County Bar Association, Tarrant County Family Law Bar Association, Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists, Tarrant County Bar Transitions to Practice Mentor, Texas A&M Aggie Law Partner Program.  Serving Fort Worth with Careity Foundation, Fort Worth Herd and Guardianship Services, Inc.,  the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Equine Scholarship, The People’s Law School Instructor, TCU Guest Instructor, and Estate Planning Workshops. Search the BLLG Fort Worth Family Law Blog for Information on Family Law and Probate Law Topics.

Rated 10 out of 10 with AVVO.  A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.