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COVID 19 Update Mary Hartin

 COVID 19 UPDATE – Legal Professional Blog By:  Mary Hartin   Bob Leonard Law Group Executive Assistant & Legal Professional – My View from Home – COVID 19 Update   I’ve worked for the Bob Leonard Law Group for almost five years.  During that time, I’ve seen the firm change, grow, and develop.  One of [..]

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COVID 19 Update Brady Odom

C0VID 19 PROBATE & Estate Planning Blog By: Brady Odom    Bob Leonard Law Group, Estate Planning & Probate Attorney -Working from Home in the Midst of COVID 19 Pandemic This has been my experience working from home due to shelter-in-place and social distancing orders in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic. My wife [..]

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Access Your Attorney Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Secure Client Portal Gives Round the Clock. You Can Access Your Attorney Schools are shut down.  Restaurants are shut down.  Many other businesses are shut down or are highly restricted as to what they can do (No more than ten people gathering at once, for example.)  Importantly to us, the courts are somewhat shut down; [..]

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About Texas Guardianship

What is Texas Guardianship? Adult Texas guardianship is established by the Texas probate court to allow care and assistance to persons who do not have the capacity to care for their personal needs or financial matters.  The courts may appoint a guardian for an incapacitated person because that person is unable to make decisions to [..]

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Should I Probate?

When to Probate We get several calls a week asking the question, “Should I probate?”  Probate is a term used by most people for anything that happens to settle an estate after a person dies.  Technically, “probate” applies only when there is a will and that will is presented to the court for probate.  However, [..]

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Attorney Ad Litem: What is That?

“What is an Attorney Ad Litem?  Why Did the Judge Appoint Another Attorney in My Case?” ” Fort Worth, Texas Expert guardianship attorney who also serves as an attorney ad litem discusses what an attorney ad litem is for”.    These two questions come up nearly every time we have a probate heirship or a [..]

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Coping: Holiday Conflict Resolution

Holiday Conflict Is a Reality Posting near holidays presents a real dilemma.  I want to post pictures of feasts and family celebrations, kids hunting eggs, unwrapping gifts, lighting the Menorah or Kinarah, decorating the Christmas tree, blowing out birthday candles and watching fireworks. I also recognize that the holidays can be a stressful time for divorced families, [..]

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Should I have an attorney send a letter?

Should I have an attorney send a letter?  Probably not. As an attorney, I am sometimes asked if I can “send a letter” to solve some problem or situation. The better question to ask your attorney is, “should I have an attorney send a letter for me?” People think that if the person who is giving [..]

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