Category: Probate of Will

Should I Probate?

When to Probate We get several calls a week asking the question, “Should I probate?”  Probate is a term used by most people for anything that happens to settle an estate after a person dies.  Technically, “probate” applies only when there is a will and that will is presented to the court for probate.  However, [..]

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Coping: Holiday Conflict Resolution

Holiday Conflict Is a Reality Posting near holidays presents a real dilemma.  I want to post pictures of feasts and family celebrations, kids hunting eggs, unwrapping gifts, lighting the Menorah or Kinarah, decorating the Christmas tree, blowing out birthday candles and watching fireworks. I also recognize that the holidays can be a stressful time for divorced families, [..]

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Should I have an attorney send a letter?

Should I have an attorney send a letter?  Probably not. As an attorney, I am sometimes asked if I can “send a letter” to solve some problem or situation. The better question to ask your attorney is, “should I have an attorney send a letter for me?” People think that if the person who is giving [..]

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