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Texas Guardianship is a Blog Category in our Fort Worth Family Law Blog. Bob Leonard is Board Certified in Family Law and and has decades of experience in Probate Law.

10 Best Law Firm Award Client Satisfaction

 10 Best Law Firm Award Client Satisfaction The hand-picked family law legal team at Bob Leonard Law Group made the 10 best family law list. The American Institute’s Family Law Division recognized the excellence of the 10 best practitioners in the family law field for 2020. According to The American Institute of Family law, “Many [..]

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About Texas Guardianship

What is Texas Guardianship? Adult Texas guardianship is established by the Texas probate court to allow care and assistance to persons who do not have the capacity to care for their personal needs or financial matters.  The courts may appoint a guardian for an incapacitated person because that person is unable to make decisions to [..]

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Guardianship Alternatives

What to Do When Your Loved One Does Not Meet the Court’s Strict Guardianship Requirements; Why We Need Guardianship Alternatives “Fort Worth guardianship attorney discusses guardianship alternatives” Texas courts look for ways to provide less restrictive guardianship alternatives while offering needed safeguards for those who are disabled.  Texas is a strong advocate for personal freedom [..]

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Attorney Ad Litem: What is That?

“What is an Attorney Ad Litem?  Why Did the Judge Appoint Another Attorney in My Case?” ” Fort Worth, Texas Expert guardianship attorney who also serves as an attorney ad litem discusses what an attorney ad litem is for”.    These two questions come up nearly every time we have a probate heirship or a [..]

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Divorce with Special Needs Child

Divorce with Special Needs Child: Challenges Divorcing parents of a special needs child face additional challenges.  When entering into a divorce with children, parents typically consider the best interests of their children. As parents of a special needs child, it is especially important to pay particular attention to how the divorce affects the child. Raising [..]

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Guardianship: Special Needs Child Turns 18

“Experienced Fort Worth Guardianship attorney discusses Special needs Child turning 18″. When My Special Needs Child Turns 18 As a Texas parent, you know the responsibilities you have for your child.  You provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education and nurturing. As a Texas parent, you also have rights under the law to have the ability [..]

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Child Possession Orders | Scheduling Events

Child Possession Orders  Some parents who have children but are not together strictly stick to their child possession schedules.  Others are very flexible. Texas child possession orders typically provide that child possession shall be as the parents agree, but if they fail to agree, then there is a schedule that must be followed. Judges Want [..]

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Win Your Case!

Win Your Case with Your Attorney Imagine that you have been involved in a lengthy lawsuit and your case is finally going to trial. Your attorney has all the documents to help prove your case all lined up and in proper form for admission in the trial. You have your list of properly subpoenaed witnesses and your attorney [..]

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Should I have an attorney send a letter?

Should I have an attorney send a letter?  Probably not. As an attorney, I am sometimes asked if I can “send a letter” to solve some problem or situation. The better question to ask your attorney is, “should I have an attorney send a letter for me?” People think that if the person who is giving [..]

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