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Important Issues Regarding Retirement Assets Often, retirement accounts are the largest asset that the family has. It is important to understand issues regarding these accounts to ensure that you have the best shot at an advantageous settlement or trial. When there are retirement assets involved in a divorce, there are special considerations to understand.  Retirement [..]

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Attorney Service Areas

  Attorney Bob Leonard Specializes in Family Law and practices Family Law in the Tarrant County Family Court and The Parker County Family Court. BLLG’s  Fort Worth Family Law practice includes adoption, divorce and child custody. Tarrant County Family Court Parker County Family Court 433rd District Court and 415th District Court 117 Fort Worth Highway Weatherford, TX 76086      [..]

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Final Divorce: Do I Have One?

Final Divorce 30 Days After Final Hearing  I frequently hear people say that they went to their divorce hearing and the divorce is now “final.” Not True.  In Texas, all lawsuits,  even divorces, are not final when the judge enters the order. They remain open for a period of 30 days. During that thirty days, either [..]

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Custody FAQ’s

Do I Have Joint or Sole Custody?  What Does that Mean? Joint Custody = Parents share rights and duties with respect to the children.  In this instance, both parents made decisions about medical, educational and other issues.  Typically, one parent will have the right to designate the residence of the child; this person is referred [..]

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Summer Standard Possession Schedule

If you have a Standard Possession Schedule*, April is a very important month.  Here are some tips to help make sense of what can be a confusing section of your court orders with respect to your children. April 1st, Deadline for Non-Primary Parent to Designate their Summer Possession Period Most standard possession schedule orders allow [..]

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Child Support Solutions

Child Support is a Long Term Obligation Although the parents are no longer married or together, they are yoked for co-parenting.  Most people can work through that given enough time. But child support?  It creates a continuous conflict and this battle can go on until the children age out when they turn eighteen. For some [..]

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