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Should I Probate?

When to Probate We get several calls a week asking the question, “Should I probate?”  Probate is a term used by most people for anything that happens to settle an estate after a person dies.  Technically, “probate” applies only when there is a will and that will is presented to the court for probate.  However, [..]

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Coping: Holiday Conflict Resolution

Holiday Conflict Is a Reality Posting near holidays presents a real dilemma.  I want to post pictures of feasts and family celebrations, kids hunting eggs, unwrapping gifts, lighting the Menorah or Kinarah, decorating the Christmas tree, blowing out birthday candles and watching fireworks. I also recognize that the holidays can be a stressful time for divorced families, [..]

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Avoid Expensive Probate: No DIY Estate Planning

How to Avoid Expensive Probate,  by Kim Young Do you want to avoid expensive probate issues? In this “immediate gratification” world we now live in, it’s very easy to “do-it-yourself” Estate Planning. Unfortunately, most of the documents that one can find on the Internet are not sufficient to Texas Estates Code standards and lack the formality that [..]

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