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Adoption for Christmas

Christmas Adoption; Best Gift Ever Adoption is a lifetime gift.  It is a gift to the parents and to the child who is adopted.  It is a gift to the extended family who gains one more person to love. Agreed Adoption is Simple In Texas, the adoption process is a relatively simple one provided all [..]

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COVID 19 Update Mary Hartin

 COVID 19 UPDATE – Legal Professional Blog By:  Mary Hartin   Bob Leonard Law Group Executive Assistant & Legal Professional – My View from Home – COVID 19 Update   I’ve worked for the Bob Leonard Law Group for almost five years.  During that time, I’ve seen the firm change, grow, and develop.  One of [..]

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Adult Adoption Information in Texas

Adult Adoption: Texas Information When a child becomes an adult, he or she often wants to formally acknowledge the person or persons who raised him.  Usually it is a step-parent, but sometimes it can be another adult who has assumed a parenting role for a child.  It is a very simple process. Biological Parents Do [..]

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