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Children and Child Custody: Preparing for a Successful Divorce Part Two

Preparing for a Successful Divorce:  Children and Child Custody; Knowledge is Power Children and child custody may be your first though when considering divorce.  It may be something you have pondered for awhile or it may be that an event has caused an immediate breakdown of your marriage.  You may have been unexpectedly served with divorce [..]

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Divorce Court: What the Judge Can and Cannot Do

WHAT THE DIVORCE COURT CAN AND CANNOT DO Several times a year, I hear from someone (usually prospective clients) who want something that the courts just can’t deliver. So here is what a court can and cannot do. The Divorce Court Can Divide Marital Property and Order Action Courts can order someone to pay a certain amount of [..]

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Three D’s in Divorce: Avoid Them

Three D’s In Divorce: Avoid Them  I call them the Three D’s in Divorce, because they are areas where we see people get into trouble during their divorce, and sometimes, it hits them hard. The First “D”- DRUGS The first “D”of the Three D’s in Divorce is drugs. If children are involved in any family law matter, then [..]

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Same Sex Marriage Texas

Same Sex Marriage:  What it Means for Texas Family Law Politics aside, there is no doubt that we have witnessed history in the making. On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court changed the standard notion of marriage forever when it ruled that same sex-marriage is legal in all 50 states. Same-sex couples began to obtain marriage licenses in some areas [..]

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10 Things To Tell Your Legal Team

Tell Your Legal Team Everything (Remember, What You Tell Your Attorney is Privileged):   Top 10 things you don’t keep from your legal team: Tell Your Legal Team: 10. That you have been convicted of any crime; 9. That you take any drugs whether prescription or illegal drugs; 8. That you have had mental health [..]

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