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Downloadable Medical Power of Attorney form – As we deal with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in North Texas, Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC is open for business.  Each day we receive several inquiries regarding a Medical Power of Attorney.

In order to assist our community, we have provided a downloadable Medical Power of Attorney form.  This gives you the ability to create and sign your own Medical Power of Attorney through a simple on-line form.   There is no charge for this service.  We sincerely hope this gives you peace of mind and helps you in some small way today.


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Instructions for Preparing Your Medical Power of Attorney

    1. READ THIS DOCUMENT   to help you choose an Agent or Agents to serve using your Medical Power of Attorney.
    2. ASK YOUR AGENTS if they are willing to serve. You can let them review the document from number one to help them decide.
    3. REVIEW THE SAMPLE FORM  to help you choose your agent. The Sample Power of Attorney form provides you with the information you will insert into each section of your document. Please read it carefully before you begin.
    5. FILL IN the document. You can fill it in on-line or you can print it and fill it in by hand (If you choose to fill it in by hand, make sure your handwriting is completely legible).
    6. PRINT the document. DO NOT SIGN THE DOCUMENT YET.
    7. SIGN the document in front of two witnesses OR  a Notary Public.  There are notaries available at most banks, and at some places of business.  Be sure to look at the criteria for witnesses in the sample document.
    8. MAKE COPIES and provide a copy to each of your agents and to anyone else you believe should have a copy. Your agents should keep a copy in a place that is readily accessible.
    9. STORE your original in a safe place in the location listed in the document.

If you have questions or need more information about additional estate planning documents, including a Will, Statutory Durable Power of Attorney or Designations of Guardian, please contact our office.

Please mark this page and check back with us; if this works, we plan to upload a form so that you can complete your Directive to Physicians (Living Will) and Designation of Guardian for Children very soon. 


This document is for your use.  It does not create and attorney client relationship.  We are not providing you with legal advice.

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