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Experienced Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer

Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer Bob Leonard has spent more than 30 years fighting for clients.  Divorce is stressful and frightening. You need a strong, steady hand to prepare for the divorce process and steer you through the divorce process.

As a divorce lawyer, Bob Leonard is a highly-qualified, skilled and experienced, board certified family law attorney.   Ready to successfully litigate, he is also an accomplished negotiator and is willing to look at the best possible options for your divorce with or without a child custody case.

Highly Qualified Divorce Lawyer

With more than triple the required number of hours of continuing legal education each year, Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer Bob Leonard knows the law.  In addition, as a Board Certified Attorney in Family Law, he is one of a very small number of extremely knowledgeable and skilled divorce lawyers.  Most important, he requires the same level of commitment to excellence and education from the entire legal team.

Planning for Successful Divorce Outcome

First, Bob Leonard and his team will talk with you and review your case.  Second, this divorce lawyer will develop a plan of action to achieve the best results possible. Third, in mediation, ten years legislative experience gives Bob the edge in difficult negotiations. Finally, he excels in the courtroom where he is well-prepared and willing to fight aggressively.
Since no two cases are alike, it is necessary to carefully analyze each one to devise a customized game plan.  Because of this detailed and measured approach and meticulous analysis, you will are guaranteed quality representation, custom tailored to fit your individual divorce.

Accessible Divorce Lawyer

Further, divorce lawyer Bob Leonard and his team are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week through an innovative, secure client portal. This portal guarantees privacy and constant access to your divorce lawyer. In addition, for emergencies, the office offers cellular phone contact availability.

Comprehensive Divorce Representation

Therefore, for any type of divorce case, from a simple, uncontested divorce, to a highly contested asset and property division you want an experienced, highly-qualified, successful and accessible attorney.   Whether it is a fierce divorce child custody battle or an appeal of a court ruling in a divorce, Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer Bob Leonard stands ready to assist you from start to finish.

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