Children and Child Custody: Preparing for a Successful Divorce Part Two

Preparing for a Successful Divorce:  Children and Child Custody; Knowledge is Power

Children and Child Custody Preparing for a Successful Divorce

Children and Child Custody. Preparing for a Successful Divorce Part Two

Children and child custody may be your first though when considering divorce.  It may be something you have pondered for awhile or it may be that an event has caused an immediate breakdown of your marriage.  You may have been unexpectedly served with divorce papers including children and child custody issues.

This is an emotional time, but knowing as much as you can will help you and your attorney develop a strong and positive plan to protect your children.

Preparing for a Successful Divorce, Children and Child Custody: Communication is Key

Setting up clear lines of communication can go a long way toward easing the transition.  If possible, work with the other parent to develop a plan to honestly address the situation in an age appropriate manner.  Children do not need to know specific details about the impending breakup, but they do need reassurance that both parents will continue to be available.  Most important, they need to know that both parents still love them even though the family might not look exactly the same anymore.

Children and Child Custody helping kids cope

Help Your Child Cope with Divorce

Tips for Talking to Your Children About Your Divorce

  • Plan what you are going to say ahead of time.
  • Present a united front.
  • Tell the truth in an age appropriate manner.
  • Stay calm and choose your words carefully.
  • Don’t play the blame game.
  • Be respectful of your spouse.
  • Address changes in a positive, matter of fact manner.
  • Reassure them that many things will not change.
  • Answer questions.
  • Recognize that there will be more talks, more questions.

Preparing for a Successful Divorce, Children and Child Custody: Understand Your Child

For children, divorce and child custody can be especially sad and confusing.  It can precipitate a downturn in grades, escalate emotions and generally cause havoc with your children.  It is typical for a child to grieve over the breakup of the family.  However, as a parent  you can do a lot make the process less painful.  You can help your children cope with the upheaval and come out the other side.  You can even forge a closer bond with both parents.

You may wish to seek family counseling if you see that your efforts are not sufficient to help you r child weather the storm.  In most cases, though, children are far more resilient than we give them credit for being.  With knowledge, communication and understanding, you cur children can not only survive, but they can thrive.

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