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Uncontested or Agreed Divorce = Simple

When a marriage ends, it is usually sad.  But it does not have to be complicated.  Sometimes two people agree on everything.  Fort Worth, Weatherford uncontested divorce lawyer, Bob Leonard has developed a straightforward plan to help you prepare and finish this chapter in your life simply.

First, you meet with the legal team at Bob Leonard Law Group to discuss the divorce.  Next, through a series of very easy questions, we can decide if you truly have an uncontested divorce.  Finally, we will develop a custom plan to move forward quickly and painlessly.  Complete your entire uncontested divorce in fewer than three months. . . free to enter life’s next chapter.

If you do not know where the other party is located for proper service, we can use alternate service methods so that your divorce continues uninterrupted.  Alternate service is also called substituted service, or publication.  The procedures can be found in the Texas Family Code, Sec.6. 409.  

Agreed Uncontested Divorce Property Division

Agreed, uncontested divorce property division means that both parties agree on how they want to split all their property, including retirement accounts, vehicles, real estate, bank accounts, furniture, personal property, etc.  Even if you agree on everything financial, a divorce attorney makes sure the paperwork is done properly so there are no surprises later. As a Fort Worth, Weatherford uncontested divorce lawyer, Bob draws up the paperwork, files it and gets everything ready.   He goes with you to court to prove up the matter and provides you with a solid, enforceable final decree of divorce.

Fort Worth Uncontested Divorce

Fort Worth Uncontested Divorce: Agreed Property Division = Simple + Quick

Agreed Uncontested Divorce Child Custody

Agreed, uncontested child custody means that both parties agree on all issues relating to the child(ren).  When it comes to your children, even if you agree on all the issues, you want a divorce attorney to prepare all of the documents to make sure your final order is accurate and meets your approval.  Fixing mistakes later is always more costly than doing it right the first time.  In child custody matters, it is very important to have a clear, enforceable order to prevent future problems.

Fort Worth, Weatherford Uncontested Divorce = Fast

Once you and your spouse agree on everything, move ahead with the proper paperwork.   Have a divorce lawyer draft and file your documents with the court. Texas Law requires that you wait a minimum of 60 days after filing your uncontested divorce before a prove up.  Divorce lawyer Bob Leonard will schedule your court date for you as soon as possible and have everything ready to go.  In an uncontested divorce, only one party needs to appear in court.

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Even in an Uncontested Divorce (Agreed Divorce) You Need an Attorney.  Do it Right the First Time!  It Costs Far More to Fix “Mistakes” Later!

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