60 Day Divorce

making a 60 day divorce your goal

60 Day Divorce = GOAL

60 Day Divorce is Possible

At the Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC, we realize that there are some divorces that can be completed very quickly.  We call these our Simple 60 Divorce.

The Texas Family Code does provide that you can be divorced in 60 days. More accurately, it provides that you cannot be divorced until 60 days after you file for the divorce. (Note: There is an exception for family violence.) We process these as fast as possible.

60 Day Divorce Criteria

  • No Children
  • No Real Property
  • No Retirement Accounts

60 Day Divorce Slow-Downs

 First, if at the start, there are frequently strong emotions involved such as anger, disappointment, resentment, and fear. Reaching an agreement is difficult until the parties have a chance to “cool-off” a little and be able to think with their heads instead of their hearts. It’s important for both parties to be past this stage before we start to process the paper work.  The courts contribute also; sometimes we can’t get a trial setting.

But, if both parties agree and know everything that they need to know and have access to all of the information and they agree on what to do then we can process a divorce in as few as 60 days. We do several 60 day divorces every year and you can take advantage of our Simple 60 package if your case meets the criteria.

60 Day Divorce Altermatives

If your situation doesn’t fit the Simple 60 criteria but both parties are agreed and there is nothing contested, you may be able to be divorced quickly.  If your case involves children, property, retirement accounts we still have a flat-fee rate plan for you but most likely you wont be divorced in 60 days.

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