Something Special About Adoption.

something special about adoption

something special about adoption

There is something special about adoption.

The Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC really does enjoy adoptions. For the attorneys’ adoption is one of the honors of being a family lawyer. For the staff adoption is an opportunity to “goo and ga” at babies and share in the celebration of adding a new member to a family.

I’m being serious even the pitch of an announcement. “We have an adoption” seems to have a little squeal of excitement. There is something special about adoption.

Adoption clients bring a refreshing spirit into our office.

Don’t get me wrong. The legal professionals at Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC are as serious as chess players In a championship match. They give great thought to what they do and their faces and the energy in the office often represent what you would expect at a chess match. I am sure that is why the change in energy is so wonderful when our adoption clients come in with their children . Friday, I was at the office and loved a chance to share in the spirit. Taylor our managing attorney was holding the baby. We all gathered around the little reason for our work, noticing every little detail of adorableness. Coaxing smiles and making baby talk.  Bob had a big, proud, PaPa Bear smile. It just made the whole day great.

Considering Adoption?

The costs of an adoption can be a deterrent to qualified adoptive families.  What many people do not know is that there are lots of potential sources to help defray the costs.  For instance, many employers offer financial assistance for adoptive families. We accept most employee legal plans.  In addition, the IRS has a very generous adoption credit.  There are military adoption benefits, private grants, and loans available.  Your legal team at the Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC can help you find a way to reach your dream of adopting without breaking your bank account.  

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