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Divorce and Family Law Top Attorney

Recommendations by  “Fort Worth Magazine” Bob Was voted several times as a

“Top Family Law Attorney”

“Fort Worth Top Attorney Board Certified Family Law Expert “

Serving Tarrant County & Parker County, Texas

The American Institute’s Family Law Division recognized the excellence of the 10 best practitioners in the family law field for 2020

“10 best Practitioners in the family law field”

Best of Fort Worth Award Program (FWAP)   Honors the Achievement of the  legal professionals at Bob Leonard Law Group. FORT WORTH January 10, 2020

“Best of Fort Worth”

Power Attorney Awarded by Fort Worth Business Press

“Fort Worth Power Attorney”

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Power Attorney Awarded by Fort Worth Business Press

“Fort Worth Power Attorney”

Recommendations by clients and other Attorney’s.  Bob Leonard practices extensively in the Family Law courts and the Probate courts in Tarrant County and Parker County.  He and his team of legal professionals keep clients satisfied, coming back and sending their friends.

Honest Communicator.  Straight talk is the rule at Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC.  You will hear the truth about your case and your strategy.

Tough Litigator.  In the courtroom, Bob Leonard knows how to stand up for his clients.  He is not afraid to go toe to toe with the best attorneys around the area.

Proven Champion.  As a legislator representing west Fort Worth, Bob Leonard mastered the art of negotiation..  At mediation or a settlement conference, he is prepared with the facts and able to articulate a compelling case.

Legal Authority. Our legal professionals take more than twice the required number of continuing education hours to give you trained and skilled lawyer representation. Knowing the law gets results in court. Our Senior Attorney Bob Leonard is Board Certified in Family Law and is in the top ten percent of all Texas attorneys.

RECOMMENDATIONS: What Clients Say About Us


– Estate Planning

My name is J. Massey and I have been working with Mary Hartin regarding my will. I want to say
that Mary is very professional and very kind. I have had to make several changes and Mary has always been very professional and understanding. It is a real honor to work with Mary. I am very
impressed with her professionalism. What a wonderful employee to your firm that she is. Because of Mary’s professionalism I will continue now and in the future to work with your firm. I was also
very impressed what she wrote on the portal about her life during this Covid 19 pandemic. I thank you Mary for sharing your story. Very impressive.

– J Massey

– High Asset Divorce With Prenup

I can tell you after having worked with Bob Leonard for over four years, that he is a lawyer who is honest and ethical; patient and persistent; kind and trustworthy; and really, really smart. For each of those qualities, I could write a book that describes the many real-life ways he exhibits them. I don’t have the room, unfortunately. But if you want someone who knows law (and trust me, he knows the best way to handle the most complicated of legal matters), then he’s your man. Don’t need any complicated legal advice? Hire him to make sure you never do. You won’t be sorry.
Complementing Bob’s service is his staff. Warm, caring, professional, but in touch. They know you by
name, treat you with respect, and follow Bob’s lead when it comes to honesty and ethics. The extra
mile? These people run marathons! I can’t say enough about this team. If you’re looking for a high-powered attorney who excels at churning billable hours, pass this office by. If you’re looking for an attorney that keeps your best interest front and center, visit Bob Leonard and his team.

– L. Eastwick


“Thank you all for your assistance with my Mother’s estate and house. I hear every week from the lovely couple who took over Mother’s house. All the best.”

– Tom C

Compassion and Patience

“Bob and Sydney make you feel like you are a part of their family. They make going through a difficult time easier through their compassion and patience”.

– D. Diaz

Highly Recommended Professionals

“I panicked a few days before a major surgery because my Will was old and my x wife was still in it. I contacted Bob Leonard Law Group. Sydney, Mary and Bob are professionals and wonderful people. They got it completed and ready for me to sign within a couple days. I highly recommend them.”

– S. Stewart

Peer endorsement

“I endorse this lawyer. I have known Bob for 15 years, and Bob is one of those lawyers who really cares for the welfare of his clients. He thinks about them during his “off-time” and seeks out the input of other family lawyers about difficult matters. Bob is always growing and learning, and he takes extra pride in the way his practice is run and the way his clients are taken care of. If you are looking for a family lawyer, not only is Bob a great attorney who knows everyone (judges included, which is important), Bob is Board Certified, which less than 1% of all family lawyers claim in the State of Texas. Bob will take care of you and your case!”

– Judith L.

Talented and well respected

“An extremely talented and well respected attorney in the legal community, I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer who knows the law and truly cares about protecting the rights of his clients and getting them the most favorable result possible.”

– John O.

Highly respected

“Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.”

– Christian L.

Knowledgeable Board Certified Family Lawyer

“Bob Leonard is one of the most knowledgeable Board Certified Family Lawyers I know. Plus, he has integrity and does not unnecessarily antagonize the opposing side or drive up costs. Yet, he is tough and assertive when he needs to be. I worked with Bob previously (for 5 years), I should know.”

– Marty L.

Exude professionalism

Bob, Sydney and the many wonderful people in this law firm exude professionalism within Family Law. They strike the perfect balance of respect and comforting guidance for clients going through sensitive times in their lives. I am grateful for their expertise during my difficult divorce.”

– Will C. 

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