Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation Makes Divorce Even More Difficult

Parental Alienation Hurts Children

Parental Alienation: Your Children are the Real Victims

Sometimes there are strong negative feelings between two parents.  Sometimes one parent will try to pull the child away from the other.  If you have said any of these things, you need an attorney who is tough enough to fight the parental alienation battle and compassionate enough to put your child first:

  • Every time my son/daughter/children come home from a visit, they are disrespectful to me.
  • Their mom/dad has convinced my kids I am stupid.
  • He/she lies to the kids about me.
  • My kids hate me because of him/her.
  • My kids refuse to come when it is my weekend.
  • My daughter/son cries whenever she/he has to go with me.

Parental Alienation is a very real and very traumatic syndrome.  The alienated parent is deprived of the opportunity to establish a positive relationship with his/her child.  The children lose the benefit of having both parents available.  The attorneys at the Bob Leonard Law group are ready, willing, and able to go to the mat for the parents and the children and stop parental alienation.

Divorce is hard on kids. But, parental alienation can cause serious problems for children caught between two parents in a divorce.  Children can act out in inappropriate ways. They become evasive and dishonest with their parents and other authority figures.  Alienation even causes rifts with extended family members.

Texas family code is changing to avoid putting kids in uncomfortable situations. The following link is an information page on parental alienation, it is not legal advise or counseling. I have included the link in this family law blog because being informed about the effects of alienation and learning to identify it can help us avoid putting children at risk.  For More Information try this SUPPORT link.

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