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The Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC, Notice Concerning COVID-19:

Covid-19 Policies and procedure updates

We are fully open for business.   With the exception of certain court hearings and group meetings, it is business as usual for the firm.  Please know that we are taking every precaution to protect our clients, our prospective clients, and our employees.

Our physical office is temporarily closed to the public until the threat of the virus has passed.  We do have a staff member available for scheduled pick-up, delivery and notarization of documents.   We also have a remote notary available.

In addition, as our clients and colleagues know, we have been fully operational for remote access by our clients, attorneys, and staff members for 10 years.  We never imagined that we would face a situation of this magnitude, but we are very fortunate that we have been set up handle your case remotely for so long because we have developed a very effective system for the practice of law in a changing world.    The only difference is that, for right now, your entire team is working from remote locations.


Phone Calls: We are still taking calls during normal business hours.

Secure Client Portal: We are still available through your client portal.


If you are a prospective client, we can schedule a time for you to meet with an attorney via telephone.

You can call our regular office number at 817-336-8500 or you can reach out through our secure website

Medical Power of Attorney Form

We receive a number of calls daily regarding the Medical Power of Attorney.  If you click here, you can find an on-line form for your use.  We hope this is helpful to you.


As of March 23, 2020, the Tarrant County family courts stopped holding in-person hearings for non-essential proceedings.  Some courts are holding “Zoom” hearings and some courts are beginning to schedule in-person hearings in June 2020.

The probate courts are working on some “Zoom” hearings as well and are continuing to monitor the situation as Texas begins re-opening per Governor Abbott’s orders.

There are other options available depending on the type of case you have and the courts are working to develop solutions.  We continue to explore all options and will keep you informed about alternatives that are available to you.

Emergency hearings are still held for essential functions, which may include: criminal magistration proceedings, CPS removal hearings, temporary restraining orders/temporary injunctions, juvenile detention hearings, and family violence protective orders.


Certain court deadlines will, of necessity, be extended due to very limited hearing availability and other things.  Do not expect discovery deadlines and other things that can be handled during this time to be extended.  Unless the Texas Supreme Court changes a deadline, or a local court does so, we have to assume that all deadlines remain in place.

CURRENT ORDERS CONCERNING CHILDREN (Child Custody, Child Support, Possession Schedules):

Changes in the school calendar do not change your current possession (custody) order.  Assume that your possession times are as they would be if we did not have the current health situation in the country.  If your area should go on some type of “shelter at home order,” it may be that exchanges would be limited.  Please maintain a good calendar showing any missed possession time so that we can help you address the issue once the “shelter at home” is lifted.

Child support orders generally remain the same regardless of circumstances (unemployment, layoffs, etc.), but it is always possible there will be some provision made for the COVID-19 situation.  For now, be sure to keep good records of anything from your employer if your job is suspended either due to the pandemic situation or related events.  As a general rule, child support obligations remain until actually changed by a court.


Follow the instructions in your current order or temporary order if at all possible.  If you have any question about an inability to fulfill any provision in your Order due to Corona Virus, then call our office and we will try to answer your question and we will advise you how to proceed.


Some mediators are continuing to schedule and complete mediations within the limits imposed by the county governments concerning current “social distancing” and health and safety guidelines.  Your attorney can work with you to locate a mediator or to reschedule mediation for a later date if you prefer.


Documents are still filed through the electronic filing.  This means that your pleadings will continue to be filed in the same manner as before the pandemic.


Texas Health and Human Services: (what to do if you are sick, testing information, symptoms and prevention tips):

               HOTLINE:  Dial 2-11, Option 6, 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.  7 days a week

Texas Information for Opening the State:

Texas Court Information (updates on Texas courts): Texas Judicial Branch Court Procedures Novel Corona virus – COVID -19

Texas Second Court of Appeals:

Texas Governor (statewide orders and updates from Governor Abbott):

Fort Worth:

Tarrant County All City Links:

Tarrant County:

Tarrant County Statistical and Health Information:—prevention/coronaviruas.html


Parker County All City Links:

Parker County:

Parker County Sign Up for Emergency Alerts:


Johnson County:

Johnson County Office Closures Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Fort Worth Area Restaurants Information:


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