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Probate Litigation can be a challenging, stressful, emotionally draining process.  A Will contest or the challenging of Administrator or Executor of an Estate is a serious legal matter and requires serious representation.  Attorney Bob Leonard is highly experienced as a courtroom litigator, with extensive abilities in mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution. With or without a Will, sometimes the people left behind simply cannot get along.

Will Contest Probate Litigation

If you believe your deceased loved one was unduly influenced in his or her Will preparation or did not have capacity to sign a Will, you may need to file a Will Contest.  Probate Litigation Attorney Bob Leonard is a brilliant and competent legal advocate.  He can negotiate or mediate a family settlement or wage a strong battle in the courtroom.

A Will Contest is  lawsuit.  This type of suit typically stems from estranged family members, duplicate wills, alleged undue influence over the person who signed the will or alleged incapacity of the person who signed the will.  In some instances, the Will is obviously valid and the case stops.  In other instances, there is reasonable cause to question the validity of the will and it becomes a true lawsuit with all that entails.  There are a number of very specific grounds to contest a will in Texas.  Whichever side you are on, it is important to have an experienced and skilled probate lawyer on your side.  This situation necessitates a clear plan and a proven litigator.

Challenge of an Executor or Administrator Probate Litigation

As an heir or beneficiary, you are entitled to know what is going on with the estate.  If you think the person handling the estate is not handling it properly, you may need to challenge that person.  If you are afraid you are not getting what you deserve or not getting the right information about the estate, you may need to seek court action with probate litigation.

Probate Litigation Defense

It could be that you are the person in charge of an estate and someone is accusing you of wrongdoing.  Whether it is a small, medium or large estate, take the accusations seriously.  You need a tough legal champion on your side.  Attorney Bob Leonard is your legal advocate, backing you completely and giving you the best representation and advice possible to settle the matter and protect you.

About Texas Probate Courts

The Texas Probate Courts operate under a strict body of law that protects all the heirs or beneficiaries or heirs of an estate.  Larger counties, such as Tarrant County, handle probate litigation in Statutory Probate Courts.  Smaller counties, including Parker County may have the county court judges handle probate litigation.  Either way, it is extremely important to hire a probate litigation attorney who knows the law and is familiar with the court system.

Family Settlement Agreement:  Avoiding Probate Litigation

Probate litigation can be decided in a legal battle, mediation, or in some cases, with a Family Settlement Agreement.  Whether your probate litigation lands you in front of a judge, a jury or a mediator, hire attorney Bob Leonard to support you and help you guard your rights under the law.

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