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Fort Worth Appellate Attorney Bob Leonard believes in the appeals proces

Fort Worth Appellate Attorney Bob Leonard recognizes that complicated legal problems require inventive solutions. Through innovative practice methods, Bob challenges the obvious and rises above the ordinary.  Appeals require knowledge of the law, knowledge of the courts and the ability to effectively articulate your position.

Appellate (Appeals) Law

After a Judge decides a family law or probate law matter, there are very specific rules for appealing a case to a higher court.  It is important to hire a competent and capable appellate attorney.  Bob Leonard’s courtroom litigation expertise, legislative experience and commitment to continuing education demonstrate his qualifications for the appellate area of law practice.

Time is of the essence for an appeal.  Some appellate deadlines are as brief as 10 days.  If you want to appeal a case, contact our office immediately.


Trial Experience

Bob maintains an active family law and probate law trial practice which ensures continual, updated and practical courtroom knowledge.  In his litigation practice Bob frequently prepares trial briefs to provide clarity and winning arguments for the court.  He represents litigation clients in trial courts both before and after judgment.

Legal Knowledge

In addition to active litigation, Bob completes more than three times the State Bar of Texas’ required number of continuing legal education hours.  This dedication to advanced knowledge gives him an edge in preparing for an appeal.

Expert Lawmaker

Further, Bob served for a decade in the Texas House of Representatives, where he was Chairman of the Committee on Public Safety.  His service in the legislature affords Bob an exclusive and exceptional understanding of the law.  The unique perception of how laws are made makes Bob an outstanding appellate attorney.

Appeals Case Evaluation

Prior to accepting an appeals case, Bob meets with the client and carefully reviews the trial court record.  Only then will he offer an opinion as to whether an appeal might be worthwhile to pursue.  At that time, he will set forth a comprehensive and thorough plan for the appeal.

Appellate Services

Some of the appellate tools and services Bob provides:

  • Writs of mandamus and prohibition: These specialized appellate proceedings are used to challenge unfavorable rulings. There are specific scenarios where these extraordinary and somewhat drastic measures are justified.
  • Post-trial motions and direct appeals: Following a verdict, Bob will review the trial court record.  At this time, he may prepare post-verdict motions to utilize the jury’s answers and legal authority or work with your trial attorney to position your case for appeal. Afterwards, he will carefully analyze and research pertinent legal issues for preparation of appellate briefs.

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