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Family Law Litigation

Family Law Litigation: You Need an Expert Attorney

Family Law Litigation: Good People Behaving Badly

Your spouse files for divorce.

The other parent files to change custody.

You find out your spouse is hiding assets during the divorce.

The other parent accuses you of abuse,neglect or parental alienation.

The above circumstances above have two things in common:

  1.  They involve litigation.
  2.  They can bring out your worst.

Family Law Litigation = Fear of the Unknown

Sometimes you simply cannot avoid being sued for divorce or avoid a custody battle.  When you are in a  lawsuit, it is easy for the other party (someone you previously loved and respected) to  become ”the enemy.” It often involves fear; most often fear of the unknown.

Family Law Litigation = Fear for Future

Perhaps you are angry about some “wrong” done to you.  Whether just perceived or real, it is still important to you. Perhaps you are worried about the future. Maybe, you can’t afford the cost of losing. Maybe you fear for the well-being of a child or other loved one.  No matter what someone else has done to you, and no matter what the future holds, only you can control yourself.

Learn to Control Your Emotions

And you should!  Why?  Because your case will go better if you do. You will appear more rational to the judge or  jury. You will be better able to honestly evaluate your case and make good choices as far as settlement offers are concerned. Your mental and physical health will be better. But that is really hard to do!!! I know; it is. But there are several tools that you have available to help you.

Hire an Expert Family Law Attorney . .  . Take Your Attorney’s Advice

Your attorney will review your situation, and how your situation relates to the law.  Trust your attorney.  Listen to your attorney.  If you can’t, find another attorney.  Things are generally not as grim as they seem.  You will recover from this situation; often things will be far better for you down the road.

I don’t want to belittle you at all; to you, right now, this is the most important thing in your life.  Your attorney will have likely seen worse or certainly as bad.  Help is available in the form of expert legal advice, and maybe through other professionals.

Learn to Control Your Emotions

This bears repeating, because if you cannot control your emotions, the very worst aspects of your personality will surface.  Believe me, we all have negative traits.  If you don’t address your emotional balance you are heading for a problem.  Not only will that hurt you personally, but is could have disastrous effects on the outcome of your case.

Talk Honestly to Your Attorney About your Family Law Litigation

If you are feeling stressed and feel you need to take extreme measures, talk it over with your attorney first. You will be surprised how many resources your family attorney has to help you through family litigation.  Acting out is always costly.  Try not to be ashamed of your circumstances and do not hide things from your attorney. Understand your attorney is not the judge he/she is your advocate.

Family law attorneys help hurting people everyday. They have chosen family law litigation because family matters to them.

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