Divorce: Disruptive

Divorce: Disruptive

Divorce: Disruptive to your life and your family.  This is mainly because there are a lot of changes in the lives of people getting divorced or who have been divorced.  Many of them are obvious.

Divorce: Disruptive, Disturbing

Divorce: Disruptive, Disturbing. You Need a Strong Expert Attorney

  1. Once or twice a week, you have to take time to deliver the kids to the other parent, sometimes a long drive.  We have had clients in situations where the parents lived in separate state and had to meet in the middle, several hundred miles away.  Even a drive of a few miles can be disruptive.  Divorce: disruptive to schedules.
  2. It is common that a person who has not had to work suddenly has to; or perhaps someone needs to get a second job.  Even if both parties were working, the double income supporting a single household now must support two households.  Divorce: disruptive to finances.
  3. You now have to deal with all of the tasks and responsibilities that formerly were divided between the spouses such as financial management, bill paying, car maintenance, grocery shopping and other responsibilities.  Divorce: disruptive to lifestyles.
  4. When you are facing a divorce, your children will have to make significant adjustments, just as you will.  They will also be forced to deal with changes in schedules, finances and lifestyles.  Divorce: disruptive to children.

Generally speaking, divorce disrupts everything.  If you are divorcing for a good reason, the disruption is worth it in the end.  Just know to expect the changes and be prepared to handle things as they arise.

Take stock of your schedule, your finances and your lifestyle when contemplating divorce; it is necessary to be realistic. You may or may not reconsider your decision, but you will, at least, know what you are facing. Divorce: disruptive to everything.

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