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Child Custody orders are important because spending time with your children is important.

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Child Custody: The Battle of Your Life. Hire an experienced Child Custody Attorney

“We help people find practical legal solutions for difficult child custody issues”. 

Child Custody Attorney Bob Leonard is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  He can provide practical solutions and essential child custody information to help you and your children heal and move forward.

Child custody is the most difficult and emotionally charged aspect of family law. Whether the custody fight is part of a divorce or a separate legal matter, child custody is a parent’s worst nightmare. With an immense knowledge of the law, a child custody attorney who is Board Certified in Family Law can make a difference.

Tools for Winning a Child Custody Battle

From mothers who are threatened with losing their children to fathers who feel their rights are being taken away, child custody battles are frightening and overwhelming. With a steady hand and balanced approach, child custody lawyer Bob Leonard offers strength and guidance in navigating the court system.  Bob Leonard provides a wealth of resources and proven experience.  His solid advice gives you the tools you need for success.

A Plan for Your Unique Child Custody Case

First, he will meet with you to discuss your unique situation.  Then he will research the case and the issues, including speaking with potential witnesses.  Following these initial steps, he will prepare a detailed game plan to help you achieve your parenting goals and to protect the best interest of the child(ren).

Some of the common child custody questions Bob deals with on a regular basis are:

  • Which parent will have primary child custody?
  • Who will pay child support?
  • Where will the children live?
  • What rights do grandparents have?
  • When will I see the children if I do not have primary child custody?
Child Custody Lawyer

Protect Parental Rights! Proven, Tough Child Custody Attorney.

Child Custody: Moving Beyond the Battle

Most parents end up with a shared custody plan, and are called joint managing conservators.  Texas courts generally believe that a child should have the ability to have a solid and healthy relationship with both parents.  The courts do not look favorably upon parents who use their children as a negotiating tool or as a way to get back at the other parent.  In so far as it is possible, it is important to work out an effective co-parenting plan.  Child custody lawyer, family law expert Bob Leonard will help you with the tools and resources necessary for positive and practical co-parenting.

Child Support

Make sure your child support is accurate if you are paying it or if you are receiving it.  Remember, the only way to change a child support order is to get it changed by the court.  Even if you agree on a different amount or if the children move in with you, you will need to hire a qualified child custody attorney to help you modify your current order and obtain a new order.

Child Possession Schedules

Always be sure to follow your child possession orders.  Down the road, If circumstances change significantly, contact a local child custody attorney to discuss whether you can or should modify the order.


Effective Co-Parenting begins during the divorce.  Bob Leonard works hard to help you establish positive communication and solid tools for working together.  Co-Parenting amicably with your ex can give your children stability and close relationships with both parents—but it’s rarely easy. Putting aside personal relationship issues to co-parent agreeably is a huge challenge. Despite the many challenges, though, it is possible to develop a cordial working relationship with your ex for the sake of your children.


If you want to modify your current order, you must be able to show a material and substantial change in circumstances.  Further, the requested modification must be in the best interest of your child.  Call our office to see if your situation is right for a modification of your order.


The courts take orders seriously.  If you need to enforce a provision of your order, call today and we would be happy to review it for you and let you know your options.

If you are wrongfully accused of violating an order, child custody attorney Bob Leonard will defend you and protect you in court.

Child custody information:

Designate Summer Possession by April 1st,  Corona Virus (COVID-19) does not change your order. 

Custody FAQ’S

What age can a child choose which parent they want to live with?

Trial Separation.

Possession and child support.

Who claims the children on the tax return?

Divorce with special needs child.



If you witness child abuse or neglect, or see a child in immediate danger, call 911 immediately.


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