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Adult Adoption: Texas Information

Adult adoption is typically a very simple process. What usually occurs is that when a child becomes an adult, he or she wants to formally acknowledge the person or persons who raised him.  As an adult, this decision is independent of the proposed adoptive child’s biological parents.  They are not entitled to be notified or to consent to the proceeding.

The practical reasons for waiting until a child turns 18 are varied and can include: a) biological parent would oppose the adoption; b) biological parent’s whereabouts is unknown; c) biological parent is unstable, volatile or violent. In those types of situations, the less contact the child has with the biological parent the better.

By engaging the biological parent in the adoption process prior to adulthood can bring unintended and unfortunate results for the child.  If there is any question about the stability of the biological parent, it is likely best to wait if possible.

In addition to the practical reasons for waiting, there are emotional reasons as well.  Sometimes an adult child realizes that the formality of adoption brings comfort and a sense of belonging.  Sometimes an adult child knows that an adoption is a very real way to honor the people who have served as parents.

Whatever the reason, adoption does create a parent-child relationship under Texas Law, thus having an effect on inheritance and next-of-kin relationships.  Your adoption attorney can explain these things to you in more detail.

Adult Adoption with Name Change

When seeking an adoption, some adult children will choose to enact a name change as well.  The name change will not slow the process down.  Also, except for minor costs and fees, the name change will not increase the cost of an adult adoption.

Once the adoption is completed, the adoptee will receive a new birth certificate through application to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

When an Adult Adoption is NOT Possible

A judge will not grant an adult adoption if he/she believes one of the parties is under duress.  Nor will a judge grant an adult adoption for immigration status purposes. If there is any question as to whether the proceeding is to avoid taxes or creditors or to commit fraud, the judge will not grant the adult adoption.

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