Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

Covid-19 policies and proceedure update

In light of the COVID-19 situation, we have implemented Covid-19 policies and procedures.
Please know that our goal, first and foremost, is to protect you and also to protect the
community we serve. These policies and procedures are in effect and will continue until there are new written procedures issued with CDC updates.

Non-Discrimination Policy:

As a family law firm, we do not discriminate against any
profession or group.  Health care workers, first responders, service industry employees and
other professions and groups place themselves at risk daily for the community; we will not
penalize them. Ask about our discounts for first responders, teachers, health care workers and active duty military

Please know that we are committed to protecting our staff and protecting/serving our clients and will utilize the compliance guidance provided by the CDC for offices who choose to open.

Visitors to the Law Office:

(including staff, other than a staff member who is in the office alone):

BLLG has adopted a Covid-19 screening form for use by staff and visitors to the office.

Please review the form and complete it every time more then one
person is in the office.

Use the contact form on this web page if you visit the Family Law Offices of Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC and the Covid-19 policies and procedures are not followed.

Will Signing Ceremonies or other Client Meetings:

Anyone who wishes to schedule a will signing must receive and sign the attached letter
agreement. In addition, when arriving at the office, staff must complete the office procedures

Provide each signer with a new pen and let them take it when they leave. Mask’s are required to enter the building

Staff in Office:

If your job permits, staff should perform duties at home, whenever possible. If staff is to be in
the office, no more than three staff members are to be in the office at any one time. If more
than one staff member or visitors are to be in the office, then all staff members present need to
complete the required forms and follow Covid-19 Policies and procedures.

We are in full compliance with state and federal regulations:

Workplace Coordinator: Sydney Leonard

On-Site Compliance: Michelle Manis

Disinfectant Services:

Mallick Tower provides professional disinfectant services for our
office. We will utilize this service, as recommended. In keeping with CDC recommendations,
we will wipe frequently touched surfaces and perform routine cleaning tasks in-house between appointment’s.

If it is discovered that a staff member or visitor is diagnosed with COVID-19 within two weeks of
being in the office, BLLG will contract with a service for additional cleaning, as recommended
by the CDC.

The office will be reopened 24 hours after the cleaning is completed or at such
time the building management approves it for reopening.

Tracking and Tracing:

Use office forms without exception; Michelle Manis will maintain a
file with all forms in the event there is a need for contact tracing.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE):

The City of Fort Worth and the Chamber of
Commerce has provided our office with hand sanitizers and cleaning supplies to be used in our
office. In keeping with CDC and now WHO revised guidelines, BLLG does require masks for
all staff members and for any client who will be in the office for an extended period of time
(longer than 10 minutes). This does not apply to an employee who is in the office alone. If you
need a mask, please let us know and we will ensure that you are provided with one.

Duration of Covid-19 Policies and Procedures: We are closely monitoring the business
community, regulatory agencies as well as the health professionals’ recommendations. Due to
the nature of COVID-19, we do not have a projected date for Covid-19 policies and procedure changes.

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