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Win Your Case!

Win Your Case with Your Attorney Imagine that you have been involved in a lengthy lawsuit and your case is finally going to trial. Your attorney has all the documents to help prove your case all lined up and in proper form for admission in the trial. You have your list of properly subpoenaed witnesses and your attorney [..]

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Should I have an attorney send a letter?

Should I have an attorney send a letter?  Probably not. As an attorney, I am sometimes asked if I can “send a letter” to solve some problem or situation. The better question to ask your attorney is, “should I have an attorney send a letter for me?” People think that if the person who is giving [..]

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Estate Planning Truths

As an attorney who has prepared numerous estate plans, I would like to communicate “estate planning truths”. Estate Planning Truths: MISINFORMATION IS ABUNDANT.  I am often surprised by the misinformation circulating about estate planning. The misinformation takes away from the actual understanding why an estate plan is valuable. Misinformation keeps us from seeing why we [..]

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Calculate Texas Child Support

Do you need to calculate Texas child support? A few days ago I was asked: ”If I re-married, will my new spouse’s income make my child support go up?”  In other words, “Is household income after re-marriage used to calculate Texas child support?” The answer to the question is basically “No. spousal income is not [..]

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Hiring An Attorney

How to Hire An Attorney   In this article, you will find out the ins and outs of hiring an attorney.  Whether this is your first encounter with the legal system or you are an old pro when it comes to the courts, our quick and easy guide to hiring an attorney will help you [..]

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Giving Thanks . . . Family Law Issue Makes it Harder

Family Law Matters Do Not Stop for Holidays Thanksgiving means so many different things to people.  When you are in the middle of family law matter, such as a divorce, custody or termination, it is so easy to focus only on that one thing. Thanksgiving Day is a day to give thanks for the many [..]

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