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Three D’s in Divorce: Avoid Them

Three D’s In Divorce: Avoid Them  I call them the Three D’s in Divorce, because they are areas where we see people get into trouble during their divorce, and sometimes, it hits them hard. The First “D”- DRUGS The first “D”of the Three D’s in Divorce is drugs. If children are involved in any family law matter, then [..]

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Child Possession Orders | Scheduling Events

Child Possession Orders  Some parents who have children but are not together strictly stick to their child possession schedules.  Others are very flexible. Texas child possession orders typically provide that child possession shall be as the parents agree, but if they fail to agree, then there is a schedule that must be followed. Judges Want [..]

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Win Your Case!

Win Your Case with Your Attorney Imagine that you have been involved in a lengthy lawsuit and your case is finally going to trial. Your attorney has all the documents to help prove your case all lined up and in proper form for admission in the trial. You have your list of properly subpoenaed witnesses and your attorney [..]

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Should I have an attorney send a letter?

Should I have an attorney send a letter?  Probably not. As an attorney, I am sometimes asked if I can “send a letter” to solve some problem or situation. The better question to ask your attorney is, “should I have an attorney send a letter for me?” People think that if the person who is giving [..]

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