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Board Certified Family Lawyer Bob Leonard is accomplished and proficient family law attorney.  He is one of the select few attorneys in Texas who are considered specialists in their field. Bob provides professional representation for divorce, from the simple, uncontested divorce to the full-blown, highly litigated divorce battle. When there is property involved, you can rely on Bob’s solid business acumen to steer you in preserving your assets. When child custody or child support are the issues, Bob and his team offer support and counsel and fight tirelessly to advocate for you and to help you protect your children. Adoption is a big part of our family law services. Whether you have an agreed adoption, an adoption-termination, CPS adoption or other adoption need, Bob is the adoption expert you want on your team.

High Quality Representation

Clients turn to us during stressful, emotionally charged times. We are committed to providing the very finest service and zealous representation.  Our family law services include aggressive litigation as well as less contentious alternatives including mediation and collaborative law.  No two cases are alike.  No two clients are alike.  Our customized, plans guarantee you our best strategy for your unique situation.  Bob Leonard and his legal professionals care about you personally.  For more than three decades, we’ve been helping clients obtain results.

Why Hire a Board Certified Family Lawyer

Fewer than 1% of attorneys in Texas are Board Certified Family Lawyers.  Why does it matter?

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization explains, “Board Certification is a mark of excellence and a distinguishing accomplishment. Within the Texas legal community, Board Certification means an attorney has substantial, relevant experience in a select field of law as well as demonstrated, and tested, special competence in that area of law.

Board Certified lawyers earn the right to publicly represent themselves as a specialist in a select area of the law. In fact, they are the only attorneys allowed by the State Bar of Texas to do so. This designation sets them apart as being an attorney with the highest, public commitment to excellence in their area of law.”

Experience. Knowledge. Excellence.

Whether your family law case is a simple, agreed matter or a highly contested and litigated battle, look to Bob Leonard to provide expert advice and guidance.  He is dedicated to achieving the very best outcome for each client.  His continued commitment to maintaining integrity and superior client service make Bob a premier board certified Fort Worth family lawyer.

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