Understand Family Law Litigation

understand family law litigation requires the best of you

Understand family law litigation requires your best

Understand Family Law Litigation can Bring Out The Worst In Good People!

You are sued for divorce.

You are involved in a serious injury car wreck.

You are going through bankruptcy.

You have just had a formerly profitable business partnership go south-seriously south.

A close relative had died and your brother and sister believe that you are getting too much of the estate. You have been accused of a crime (which you may or may not have committed.)

The circumstances above have at least two things in common:

  1.  They all involve, or have the opportunity to involve, litigation.
  2.  They also have the opportunity to bring out the worse of our nature.

You often cannot avoid being sued for divorce or avoid a fight in probate court.

Sure, when you are in a  lawsuit, it is easy for the other party (often one that

you previously loved or respected) to  become ”the enemy.” It often involves fear; most

often fear of the unknown. Perhaps you are angry about some “wrong” done to you.

Whether just perceived or real, it is still important to you. Perhaps you are worried about

the future. Maybe, you can’t afford the cost of losing. Maybe you fear for the well-being of

a child or other loved one.  No matter what someone else has done to you, only you can

control yourself. And you should!  Why?  Because your case will go better if you do. You will

appear more rational to the judge or  jury. You will be better able to honestly evaluate your

case and make good choices as far as settlement offers are concerned. Your mental

and physical health will be better. But that is really hard to do!!! I know; it is. But there are

several tools that you have available to help you.

Understand Family Law Litigation Often Requires Your Attorney To Present The Best You To The Court!

First, you have an attorney on board that (hopefully) understands the laws, your

situation, and how your situation relates to the law. If you trust your attorney, then listen

to him or her. Of course, if you don’t or can’t you may need a new attorney.

Second, realize that things generally are not as bad as they seem. People have

recovered well from divorces, bankruptcy, and even criminal convictions. I don’t want to

belittle your situation; to you, it may be the most important thing in your life right now,

but most attorneys (and almost all judges) have seen worse.

Third, help is available. Not only your attorney, but lots of other people can help you. In

some cases, that might mean getting a financial planner. In some, it might mean getting

counseling. In some, it just might mean that you have to shrug off the problem and get

on with your life. Everyone and every case is different and what works for one person

might not work for another. Rarely is there no one who can help to improve your life.

If you don’t attend to this, then it is possible that the worse aspects of your personality

come out. Not only will that hurt you personally, but is could have disastrous effects on

your case. I have seen clients and opposing parties do things that totally destroyed

their case.

If you are feeling stressed and feel you need to take extreme measures, talk it over

with your attorney, first. You may be surprised how many resources your family attorney

has to help you through family litigation. If you act out, it’s usually costly.

Try not to be ashamed of your circumstances and do not hide things from your

attorney. Understand your attorney is not the judge he/she is your advocate. Family law

attorney’s help hurting people everyday. Many family law attorney’s choose family law

because family matters to them.

If you live in Tarrant or Parker County and need a family law attorney for litigation Contact Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC, 817-336-8500. Bob Leonard is Board Certified in Family Law and has 30+ years litigation experience.


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