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In high-asset divorce cases that involve significant assets and complex issues, it is critical to hire the most experienced and qualified attorney possible in order to protect your interests.  Business and other assets must be properly evaluated and valued.  Your attorney will know if it is necessary to search for hidden assets, seek forensic accounting or perform other services.  Expert witnesses may be required to determine asset division and requirements for short or long-term spousal support; if you are a professional homemaker or if your spouse is a stay at home parent, you need Bob Leonard on your legal team.

High asset divorce

High-Asset Family

fort worth’s High-Asset Divorce attorney

by Sydney Leonard

Attorney Bob Leonard of the Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC is Board Certified in Family Law.  Along with extensive experience in high asset divorce, attorney Bob Leonard manages and protects the assets and legacy of one of Fort Worth’s most respected families, the Fort Worth Leonard’s Department Store Family.   After serving nearly a decade representing Fort Worth in the Texas House of Representatives, Bob Leonard has built a legal team with you in mind.   With so much at stake, you can feel secure in knowing that our attorney Bob Leonard is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in high-asset divorce cases. And Bob is prepared to negotiate wisely or litigate strongly on your behalf.

Discuss your high-asset divorce case with our skilled Fort Worth Family law team in a free initial consultation. You will find our firm to be extremely responsive. Contact us today 817-336-8500.

Preparation Is Key

Experience has taught us to prepare each case as if it will go to trial; this is one of the ways are the firm for you.  Preparing each client’s case is extremely important.  While not every case is trial-bound being highly prepared gives us the advantage in negotiations.  In complex divorce cases or high-asset divorce cases, detailed discovery and preparation are the stepping stones to winning.  If your divorce property has any of the following, contact the experienced and qualified attorney Bob Leonard today.

  • Businesses
  • Inheritance
  • Retirement accounts
  • Military Retirement
  • Pensions
  • Investments
  • Offshore accounts
  • Multiple real estate properties
  • Automobiles
  • Collectables
  • Fine jewelry
  • Artwork

Many high-asset cases involve traditional marriages in which one spouse plays a stay-at-home role that minimizes workplace participation. In such cases, it is important to enlist a vocational expert to develop an estimate of what is necessary in order to resolve how much support the person may need.  So if you need spousal or want to know how much spousal you have to pay, you need an experienced divorce attorney and business advisor working with you to make sure you get what you deserve.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

At the Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC, our attorney Bob Leonard has the experience and dedication necessary to succeed in your high-asset divorce case. Set up an appointment for consultation at our Downtown Fort Worth law office, contact us by calling 817-336-8500 Today. Board Certified Family Law Attorney Bob Leonard is serving High- Asset divorce clients in the Fort Worth Metroplex and the surrounding communities of Tarrant and Parker County

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