Divorce Resource For Friends And Family

“We love this divorce resource for friends and family of our clients!”

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Divorce resource Excellent recommendation for friends and family members. I use the divorce series and recommend it to the families of our clients. Divorce is a trying situation but there are things that can help if your supporting someone facing a divorce. 

“Dad, Mom we are getting a divorce!”

by Lisa Kofford

Divorce Resource for friends and family

Divorce Resource for friends and family

Your reaction is important

When your child or a close family member informs you of their decision to divorce it can leave you feeling powerless. The Focus On The family, Divorce Series is full of insight and advice on how to be emotionally supportive and a stabilizing influence.

The transition can take time

When the judge signs the final decree its not always over. Many people need positive influence and support for the transition period.

Setting Boundaries

The idea of being a supportive person and setting boundaries seems impossible sometimes but setting boundaries can empower people to make healthy choices for their future.

Keeping Families Strong

There is so much we can do for others if we share access to good resources.  I hope you get as much out of the divorce series as I did.

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Resource Link: Divorce Resource for friends and family

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